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I have now finished my blog, however there are some things that I could have improved.

I found a lot of research, like the documentary “Standart Operating Procedure”, by Errol Morris after I finished my blogs, which concerned the Abu Ghraib scandal. Also, I found some more articles on that would have made my research more complete.

What I also didn’t get a chance to do was researching whether events like this one have occurred before, where people took pictures of torture or prisoners of war who are in a lower position than them. I came to find that, apparently, nazi soldiers in WW2 took their cameras for their own use, and took pictures as they went trough the Soviet Union taking pictures of their hurt or even dead “enemies”. As I didn’t have enough time to research this I couldn’t add this to my blog.

I do realize that there are some gaps, and that my first few entries aren’t as strong as my latest one, however I tried to make up for this when I realized it.

There is one more video that I would like to add before I finish, just because I feel that even after all that time in prison, Lynndie England still doesn’t seem to have understood the reason why she was sent to prison in the firsts place.

She hesitates in taking any blame, and when she does it seems forced. Her cheeky, arrogant smile and attitude haven’t changed, and in my view, she sees it all as a joke.  As if her making money and fame out of torturing others wasn’t enough.

Lynndie Enlgland talks about her book


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November 29, 2010 at 10:13 pm

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