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Lynndie England Continued

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Another factor that may be responsible for all the media-hype that England got may be her refusal to feel remorse for what she did.

Her attitude and her excuses for what she describes as “a sad love story” have always been very self-serving and hardly apologetic at all. She still doesn’t seem to understand the impact of what happened and clings onto the fact that she was “only in the pictures for a split second”.


There were private pictures, which Graner took of her, for example, of him having anal sex with her. She seems to have been given the perfect excuse for her involvement with him and her active participation in the pictures:

“They said in the trial that authority figures really intimidate me. I always aim to please. They said that one of the reasons Graner easily intimidated me was because I saw him as an authority figure. So I was really compliant.”

After the picture of her holding the leash was taken, he sent it home to his family with a note saying, “look what I made Lynndie do”.


Different observers have come to the conclusion that Graner had significant control over Lynndie, which was heightened by their emotional ‘connection’

Karpsinski says that it didn’t take long for England to completely adore Graner: “She felt like someone was finally talking to her. Paying attention. He seemed far more experienced and worldly than anyone she knew. It only took a few short conversations. She was enamored with him.”


There is no point in discussing the stupidity of taking part in this kind of torture in order to please your man, but England seems to think that this justifies her actions to some extend.


There have also been theories about England that suggest that her attitude and ‘image’ is choreographed. I have discussed the relationship between the media and its consumers, and the messages created in my previous blog.


An interview with the Daily Mirror makes it is made even clearer that England still doesn’t understand her actions:
“After instructing the men to pile up on top of one another, Graner proudly draped his arm around England, and the smiling couple posed beside the grotesque tangle of human flesh.

Looking at the image now, it appears that the detainees could not have remained in this painful position for very long; yet England says quite matter-of-factly that they were forced to stay fixed in position for ’20 minutes or something’.

When I suggest that this must have been excruciatingly painful, she shrugs and replies: ‘Probably.””


When asked if she ever felt sorry for these men she answers: “‘In my eyes they were the enemy; the other side. What happens in war happens. They would have done 20 times worse to us.”

It seems quite disturbing how emotionally detached she seems from the whole thing, as if she wasn’t there, repeatedly saying that she didn’t do anything wrong.

‘Sorry? For what I did?’ she interjects, incredulous. ‘All I did was stand in the pictures. Saying sorry is admitting I was guilty and I’m not. I was just doing my duty.’

The ironic tone in her voice and the huge grin on her face when talking about these horrible events are not doing her any favours either.
Even her attorney is aware of this and warns the interviewer:

“Don’t mistake Lynndie’s grin for amusement,that’s just a nervous mannerism.”


This video speaks for itself:Torture is acceptable in order to get information


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