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The two key events

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There were two key events that stood out from the rest of the torture. At these events you could almost call ‘group torture’. The photos of taken of these are well known.

Charles Graner and Megan Ambuhl were the two military police officers that were in charge of Tier 1A, where high-value detainees were kept. Both did 12-hour shifts and it was mostly Graner who was there at night, because of his previous experience at civilian prisons. Funnily enough, most of the torture took place at night, just like both of these key events.

One night, in the fall of 2003, a prison riot broke out.

Javal Davis said: “ That’s it, that’s the last straw”, so they gathered up the rioters and took them down to Tier 1A and threw them on the floor.

He continues: “Why would you want to attack us? I know you’re upset, but we’re upset too. So I took my aggression out on them, because it’s been okay this whole time”.

They wrote rapist on one of them, because his file said that he was a convicted rapist. However it stood out to me that they wrote rapist wrong, which could be traced back to what many people have said: How likely is it that a group of uneducated prison guards could come up with well known interrogation techniques? I will explore this point later on.

They made the detainees simulate sex positions and Frederick pointed at the female soldiers to make sure the detainees knew they were watching. This aims, like I mentioned in on of my previous posts, to undermine their self-confidence by sexual humiliation.

They stripped every one of them, and put them on top of each other to form a human pyramid, as well as making them stand in a line and forcing them to masturbate.

But why did they feel the necessity to take pictures of this?

Sabrina Harman posed behind the human pyramid after Frederick asked her to get in the picture, giving the camera a huge grin and gave thumbs up.

Asking her why she took pictures and why she posed she answered: “If I saw something, I took a photo of it. The first thing I think of is take photos. It probably sounds really sick but I’m always taking photos, I mean that’s just me, I’ve always taken photos.” This answer seems almost too desperate in trying to justify her actions.

Javal said that he stepped onto detainees’ fingers and toes, because they were going to be interrogated about this riot the next day. So in his own way he was ‘softening them up’ by his own rules.

The second event occurred not long after the last one was when three prisoners got accused of raping another inmate. They were dragged from their cells, handcuffed together and were asked to get down on their stomach and crawl around on the floor so that their genitals scrape on the floor. Graner dragged them from one end of floor to the other.

Roman Kohl said: “ That time I can’t say that I was sympathetic to the detainees because of what they’d done. I was also outraged. I was extremely pissed off with them for what they had done”. At first he stood aside, but then someone brought out a ball, which Roman then hit a detainee in the leg with.

Again, the detainees had to simulate sex positions, and other inmates said that they could hear those men begging the soldiers to stop, but they wouldn’t. They say the torture went on all night.

However, they didn’t have any valid proof that the rape actually took place.

Mark Danner, the author of the book ‘Torture and Truth” argues that it doesn’t have to be true that someone told these soldiers to put them in a human pyramid, but it was the fact that there was such indiscipline and a “permissive environment that allowed violence and abuse and stress positions” that have been approved by the secretary of defense and Sanchez to take place.

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