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Manadel Al-Jamad

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There was one officially reported homicide at Abu Ghraib.

His name was Manadel Al-Jamadi. He was brought in on November 2nd by the O.G.A. They were said to have covered the shower cell with sheets and all people could hear were screams.

An ex-detainee remembers: “ the sound of his voice really twisted our minds and made our hearts stop.”

Sabrina Harman was told that he died of a heart attack. It was later reported that he died as a result of extreme interrogation techniques. His dead body was in the shower, in a plastic bag, as the C.I.A wasn’t going to pick him right away.

Harman, Frederick and Graner went in and took pictures with the corpse, smiling into the camera as usual and giving thumbs up.

Sabrina Harman’s explanation for that pose was: “I got that from the kids, the smile, I always smile for the camera, it’s just the natural thing you do when you’re in front of a camera. It really wasn’t anything negative towards this guy, like I didn’t know he was murdered, I just thought, it’s war, it’s another dead guy, no big deal.”

For some reason it took them some time to realize that heart attacks don’t give people swollen, blue eyes and open wounds.

Davis said: C.I.A put him on ice and they were gonna try to put him on a stretcher with IVs to cover up a murder” to avoid a riot breaking out.


[Ghosts of Abu Ghraib, 2007, Rory Kennedy]


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November 24, 2010 at 5:00 pm

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