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Pictures of the torture

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This is one of the most iconic photographs of the torture that went on in Abu Ghraib.
It shows a man with a hood over his head and a sheet covering his body.
He is placed on a box with wires attached to his fingers, toes and genitals. He was told  that he would be electrocuted if he fell off the box and had to stand there for hours.

[,8543,-10704919007,00.html accessed 20/11/2010]







Lynndie England points towards Iraqi prisoners’ genitals who have sandbags over their had and are made to stand in a line. England, who gives thumbs up and has a cigarette dangling out of her mouth,looks amused by this.

[,8543,-11304919007,00.html accessed 20/11/2010]





Lynndie England

This is one of the most famous photographs in this scandal. Lynndie England holds a leash with a naked Iraqi prisoner on the end of it, who is lying on the floor and looks like he is in pain.

[,8543,-11704919007,00.html accessed on 20/11/2010]




Charles Graner

This picture shows a naked detainee being intimidated by two dogs held back by two soldiers.

It is argued that this was a technique learned for an interrogation team from Guantanamo Bay.

“Another soldier said that interrogators would regularly pass instructions to have dog handlers and military police “scare up” detainees as part of interrogation plans, part of an approved approach that relied on exploiting the fear of dogs.”   [ accessed on 20/11/2010]  [,8543,-12604919007,00.html accessed on 20/11/2010]

Charles Graner giving thumbs up with a corpse later identified to be Manadel Al-Jamadi, who was a ‘ghost-detainee’ being interrogated by private contractors and CIA officers. He was killed during interrogation.

[,8543,-12804919007,00.html accessed on  20/11/2010]








Sabrina Harman

[,8543,-13004919007,00.html accessed on 20/11/2010]






Charles Graner with a bunch of prisoners who have been thrown on the floor with their hands cuffed together and Graner giving thumbs up and grinning.

[ accessed on 20/11/2010]





[ accessed 20/11/2010]





Lynndie England and Charles Graner in front of a bunch of naked detainees who have had their heads covered with hoods and made to form a human pyramid. Both Graner and England stand there arm in arm smiling at the camera and giving thumbs up.

[ accessed on 20/11/2010]








Naked Iraqi detainees who have had their heads covered with sand bags are forced to perform oral sex on each other.

[ accessed on 20/11/2010]









It was found that 173 out of 279 released photographs were taken with Charles Graner’s camera, which was a Sony FD Mavica.

[ accessed 22/10/2010]


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