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This is a portrait of a man and a woman, clearly in an army uniform so, firstly, we can assume that they are soldiers. The woman is sitting on a plastic chair in a very ‘masculine’ nature, resting one leg on her other knee and with her arms resting on the armrest. The man is behind her, leaning down towards her and resting his head on her right shoulder closely to her head with his arms on the armrests too. Both have huge smiles on their faces posing for the camera, and look very comfortable and intimate, which suggests that they are comfortable with their surroundings.

In the background we can see a prison cell and handcuffs along with their keys suggesting they are in a prison. Due the their uniforms and the desk made of what looks like boxes, as well as the ‘cheetos’ chips bag and the torch we can connote that they are officers who work in a prison. The fact that they look happy and comfortable in their surroundings, and again their uniforms, we can see that they obviously have some authority in that place, as a prison isn’t exactly a ‘happy’ place.

The colours in this photograph are all similar, greens and browns, which are colours used by the army, give this image an earthy feel. However this probably wasn’t done on purpose as this is closer to domestic photography, only taken to reflect that moment as a ‘good’ memory.



Questions that arise from my reading above are:


1)   Who are these people?

2)   Why was this picture taken?

3)   Why do they seem so happy?

4)   What are they doing in this environment or ‘workplace’ and where is it?



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October 7, 2010 at 7:39 pm

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